Beninese Gangbé Brass Band shared the stage with Belgian Jaune Toujours for the first time back in 2006. That collaboration must have been to everyone's satisfaction, because both bands recently took to the studio to record this 'Afrobelbeat (Be/Nin)' EP. A lot of afrobeat this EP did not contain, but that doesn't make the four tracks on 'Afrobelbeat (Be/Nin)' any less contagious (the live recording of 'La Porte Du Non Retour' is especially enticing). The fact the mix of the instruments of Jaune Toujours (double bass, clarinet, sax, percussion) with the horn section of Gangbé Brass Band works we already knew as on 'Assiko', the most recent Gangbé Brass Band album the accordion of Jaune Toujours' Piet Maris already took a prominent place.