At first glance 'Kangaba-Paris' may sound like a simple instrumental album on which piano and balafon effortlessly enter into a dialogue, but that result should be attributed to the virtuosity of French pianist Jean-Philippe Rykiel and Malian balafon player Lansiné Kouyaté. The piano is a chromatic string percussion instrument (octaves divided into 12 semitones), while the balafon is a diatonic percussion instrument (octaves divided into 7 notes). The result at times sounds quite jazzy ('Jeux d'Amour', 'Qu'est-ce Qu'on A Fait Là'), and elsewhere more cinematic ('La Jeune Fille Et l'Hippopotame', 'Paroles De Sage'), or a combination of both (magnum opus '15 Août', lasting more than ten minutes), but always breathtakingly beautiful.