The two newest releases on the Ariwa label are not created by the Mad Professor himself as this time he left the helm to his son Joe Ariwa. On 'Dub Tech Dub' Joe experiments with a techno, dance and garage-prone form of dub that at times is reminiscent of the drum & bass albums by Goldie. So plenty of deep inner city vibes on this successful stylistic exercise.

'Joe Ariwa Meets Young Warrior' is, as the title implies, a collaborative project with Young Warrior, son and successor of Zulu Warrior Jah Shaka. In the interludes on this album Ariwa and Warrior are complaining about the difficulty they're experiencing to captivate today's youths attention with serious roots and dub, probably the reason both gentlemen experiment with dance and garage. Yours truly wasn't too impressed with this effort and the question remains whether this album will coax young people into listening to roots and dub music. Clear example of a creative idea that was clearly better than the final rendition.