For yours truly, French-Beninese singjay Joe Pilgrim (born Philippe Ametowanou) was one of the revelations on Dubmatix' 'The French Sessions' album, making us anxiously looking forward to the release of 'Intuitions'. For this long player Pilgrim joined forces with The Ligerians, a band we already knew from their collaborations with Rod Anton. The combination resulted in 'Intuitions', a classic but very solid roots album that remains captivating from start to finish. In the track list, subdivided into the chapters 'Illusions And Crises', 'The Sparkling Light', 'Intuitions' and 'Incarnations', it's hard to spot any weak spots, making it hard to pick out highlights. Songs that none the less drew our attention were opener 'Go Down The River', 'Burn Fire', in which African influences can be heard, and 'Night & Day', a magnificent tribute to girlfriends or the sun (we're not quite sure). Meditation music!