After the excellent 2015 long player 'Intuitions', Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians return with this possibly even more impressive sounding 'Step Out' EP. 'Step Out' counts 5 vocal cuts and one superb dub version of title track 'Migrants', written after Joe visited The Jungle, the now defunct refugee camp in Calais, back in 2016. His visit to the camp was filmed and the footage was used by director Julie Beaudot for the track's accompanying video clip. All proceeds from the song go to L'auberge Des Migrants, an organization aiding migrants with food donations, shelter and medical assistance. Opener 'Step Out Of This Jungle' also refers to Joe's experiences in The Jungle, but in a broader sense is also a general call to escape the rat race of Western life. For the musical side of this song, The Ligerians drew inspiration from the sound of Pablo Moses at the time of 'Pave The Way'. Joe Pilgrim also seems to have picked up on the whole #MeToo movement, as in the short acoustic 'Divine Power' he salutes womanhood, referring to ancient pagan cultures that treated women as equals, and in 'Wherever I Go' he warns against false prophets preaching inequality and depicting women as the symbol of evil. Top EP!