Joi or the Bengali-English duo consisting of brothers Haroon and Farook Shamsher, was at the foray of what from the latter part of the1990s, would become known as the Asian Underground movement. Starting out at the now legendary Blue Note club in London, together with artists like Talvin Singh, Badmarsh & Shri or Nitin Sawhney, in no time they conquered the world with their mix of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi rhythms and Western beats and electronics. In 1999 the brothers release their debut album 'One And One Is One', but a few months later destiny deals a fatal blow as Haroon is the victim of a deadly thrombosis and dies at the age of 34. Farook deals with the loss of his brother with 'We Are Three', a musical tribute to Haroon for which Farook draws on recordings his brother made during a trip his father's native village in Bangladesh. In 2007 'We Are Three' is followed by 'Without Zero' and from these three albums Joi recorded for Real World Records, Farook now made a selection of just under twenty tracks (supplemented with a few bonus tracks and alternate mixes) which, spread over two discs, make for an excellent 'Best Of'-compilation.