Attentive readers will have spotted the name of talented Nigerian keyboardist Joni Haastrup on these pages before, because Soundway Records already used some of his songs for their Nigeria Special compilations and he was also one of the musicians who worked on the 'Black Goddess' soundtrack reissued by the same label. In collaboration with the Tummy Touch label Soundway is now fully focused on Haastrup's career, resulting in the reissue of both his 1978 solo debut 'Wake Up Your Mind' and the two albums he recorded with Monomono in 1972 and 1974. On 'Give The Beggar A Chance' Haastrup occasionally sounds like a Nigerian version of Ray Manzarek or Jackie Mittoo ('The World Might Fall Over'), while his only solo album 'Wake Up Your Mind' is a real melting pot of styles. At the time of this recording, Joni found himself in London where he was influenced by disco and funk. Three gems that should not be missing from the collection of any decent world music collector!