Junior Kelly is certainly not the only artist out there who doesn't like being tied down to one genre, but on 'Urban Poet', his tenth long player to date, Kelly really seems to have turned away from reggae. Instead we get a mix of r&b ('No More War'), funk rock ('Everybody Needs Somebody'), soul ('Mile In My Shoes'), pop and a host of other genres, strongly reminding yours truly of Rihanna's output. Does that necessarily mean that 'Urban Poet' is a bad album? Certainly not, but reggae lovers will definitely not find what they are looking for. Those insisting on going in search of some reggae vibes on 'Urban Poet', we can recommend 'Put It Pon You' and 'False Pretender', but the Junior Kelly we love and like we really only heard in the excellent 'Power To The People'. Varied album, that left yours truly with mixed sentiments.