Even though Junior Murvin has several albums to his name, until now CD-lovers had to content themselves with one, the name of which I do not even have to mention. Yours truly is happy to be able to announce the re-release of 'Muggers In The Street', the umpteenth Junjo Lawes reissue on the Greensleeves label. 'Muggers In The Street' contains a reworking of his biggest hit 'Police And Thieves' (title track 'Muggers In The Street'), but, apart from that bit of predictability, is a great album. Lawes' production suits Murvin's "realsetto" (quote by Murvin, who, referring to the term "falsetto", claims that Jah wouldn't allow anything false to come from his body) perfectly. In closure, 'Champagne And Wine' is the ideal track to enter the new year with. What are you waiting for?