'Today & Tomorrow', the album debut by Jupiter & Ma Shi Faï, sounds like the work of seasoned musicians; perhaps not surprising, because as Jupiter & Massive 5 this band has already been playing since 2005. Singer and front man Jupiter Diop has Senegalese roots (see also the references to the Baye Fall in the lyrics on 'Today & Tomorrow') and alternately sings in French, English and Wolof. Through the input of instruments like violin (Sebastien Paz-Ceroni) and harmonica (Johan 'Mr. Jo' Serck) the musicians of Ma Shi Faï ("I am the cure" in Wolof) provide an original touch, but to stand out from the Tiken Jah Fakoly's and Takana Zion's of this world, an afro-reggae band has to be sure of its ground. 'Today & Tomorrow' transcends mediocrity, but the album misses a true hit tune (even though 'Amini' comes close).