With 'Na Kitabo' ("my book"), Kadialy Kouyate, a UK-based Senegalese kora-player, does/delivers exactly what's expected from a West African griot: sharing his experiences, informing and telling stories. Kouyate describes his role as a griot as follows: "A griot's role in society is like a Messenger who should inform, advice, and bring people together in unity and harmony. For that reason I wanted to be that voice for my people and for all the listeners. I therefor decided to use this opportunity to convey the teachings and messages embedded in the songs, with the hope that they could contribute to change and to construct a stronger humanity and better society." Closest to the actual griot tradition does is 'Kouyate Nana', in which Kadialy celebrates the lineage of his own family dating back all the way to the 13th century. Kadialy clearly draws inspiration from Malian music and opener 'Du Courage' immediately reminded us of Habib Koite. Content-wise most of the tracks on 'Na Kitabo' ('Horomaya', 'Jigui Nana', 'Dankeneya', 'Kanu Foro', 'Khera Doron'…) seem to focus on the three pillars of faith, hope and love. Enjoyable West African afro-pop album with a message.