Almost exactly two years after their previous release, 'Drango 13', Utrecht based band Kalio Gayo returns with this 6 track 'Orok' EP. Their musical recipe - "global parti folk" as they like to describe it themselves - has changed little, and on 'Orok' singers Renske Das and Anja Pleit once again supplement their imaginary language with bits of English (as was also already the case on 'Drango 13'). In closing track 'Signe' we once again discovered the words "party y prije" or "party and tears", which also served as the title of their eponymous 2011 album, but it's especially 'Diloberri' that nicely summarizes the statement the band wants to make with this release: "... there is no such thing as the wrong country, the wrong color or the wrong name, we share the same future, bright or grim, east and west, the same future... ". Let's hope that with the imminent parliamentary elections in mind, the majority of the Dutch bull will well remember this message!