Kanaku Y El Tigre is one of those bands making us wonder wither they belong on these pages at all. Yes, this is a Peruvian band, but one with a very Western-style sound, bringing to mind a Peruvian version of Blur ('Nunca Me Perdi', 'Quien Se Queda Quien Se Va'). For 'Quema Quema Quema', the formation around Nicolás Saba and Bruno Bellatín, drew inspiration from the classic novel by Jack Kerouac 'On The Road', and got Spanish actress Leonor Watling, Peruvian singer-songwriter Pamela Rodriguez and Cecimonster Vs. Donka-frontman Sergio Saba involved to make things just that little more interesting. The Cobra-like cover illustration of the album is the work of Argentine graphic designer and cartoonist Ricardo Liniers. Bands like Kanaku Y El Tigre are proof the borders of the world music genre are getting ever fuzzier.