Hopefully we won't have to introduce Dutch-Surinamese singer Kenny B anymore. In 2015 the man scored a great radio hit with 'Parijs', a song everyone between Amsterdam and Paris should have heard at least once in the meantime. Kenny's untitled Dutch debut soon followed, together with a documentary about Kenneth Bron's uncommon life path, a collaboration with the veterans of Dutch reggae, Doe Maar ('5446 Is Mijn Nummer', a Dutch version of Toots & The Maytals' reggae classic ' 54-46 Was My Number') and a participation in the Dutch television show 'Beste Zangers'. Calling Kenny a well-known Dutchman is a serious understatement. And now there's 'Hoe Dan Ook', an album on which Bron goes lovers all the way, alternating between genres like dancehall, reggae, r&b, lovers rock to even a piano ballad with 'Weg Bij Jou'. Opener 'Ik Ben Hier Hier', is a duet with Martiniquais singer Perle Lama, who, in the song, briefly replies to Kenny's lyrics in French, thus making it the perfect sequel to 'Parijs'. 'Kom Bij Mij', a combination with Trijntje Oosterhuis, quite a popular singer in the Netherlands, is definitely one of the highlights on 'Hoe Dan Dan ook', and apart from inspiring ("Glitter and glamour don't interest me, no I don't buy expensive brands, love is what I'm working for. I have no need to go to Disneyland Paris. I don't get out of bed for a trip to Bora Bora. I don't necessarily need to be a VIP, I do put things on social, but can't always follow myself. I have almost no wishes, but what I would wish for is the most beautiful place on earth, and that place is next to you!"), the lyrics of 'Als Ik Je Zie' also sound quite contagious. That being said, the best tracks on 'Hoe Dan Dan Ook' are "hidden" at the bottom of the track list. Starting with 'Als Ik Jou Niet Had', a killer combination with Amersfoort based rapper Diggy Dex, followed by 'Sranan Mi No Gwe' (loosely translated "Suriname I'll never leave"), an ode to Kenny's native Suriname, and the fesa ("party") is complete with 'A Mi Sani' ("it's my thing"), for which Kenny even goes soukous! with 'Hoe Dan Ook', Kenny B crownes himself officially as the Dutch king of lovers rock!