Killo Killo Banda is the brainchild of Serbian musical centipede Vajoslav 'Killo Killo' Malesev and 'Berba' ("harvest") is the band's second long player. Malesev alternates between English and Serbian, and it's mainly the songs in his native language that give this album an original touch. In his songs Killo Killo sings about universal themes like love ('Da Sam Znao', 'Ruke Od Staklene Vune') and the economic crisis ('Kriza', 'Politicar'), but also breaches less obvious themes: 'Litre Dve' is an ode to alcohol and 'Nije Kraj' is a merry requiem about a funeral where everyone dances and sings. 'Berba' is just rock-solid roots with a Serbian vibe. The album is freely downloadable, so there's nothing holding you back from checking it out? Uzivajte u muzici (enjoy the music)!