Yours truly got to know Federico Trujillo aka Krak In Dub last year thanks to 'Upgrades', his collaborative effort with Troy Berkley. The Franco-Argentine producer may already have released quite a few singles and EP's, 'Amazonite' (a green-colored gemstone which was probably not given the shape of a marihuana leaf on the cover of the EP by accident), scheduled for release this autumn, will be his long player debut, and with this eponymous EP Krak In Dub is already offering a taster of what's to follow. In the track list four different versions of the title track: there's a vocal version featuring Pupajim (Stand High Patrol), in which the singer talks about his predilection for the chemical element iodine 53, but 'Amazonite' appears on Neil Perch's Universal Egg label, so it's only normal the Zion Train-chief also provided a remix of the title track.