La Panika arose from the meeting of Belgian saxophonist Benito Blancquaert and Bulgarian gypsy accordionist Petar Elmazov. Add flamboyant trumpeter Jean-Pierre Lietar and you have the nucleus of this Macedonian-Bulgarian Franco-Belgian formation, also featuring Mitko Chakarov (trumpet), Gaspard Vanardois (guitar, oud), Mitko Kostov Jr. (clarinet), Cédric Gilmant (sousaphone, double bass, serpent), Christian Laisne (saxhorn), Hendrik Dobbelaere (saxhorn), Djemsid Zeynelov (tapan), and Seven Memedov (percussion). The title of this new album refers to ultimate chaos and the big bang. On the instrumental 'Darmadan', this time the band seasons their traditional Black Sea gypsy repertoire from the area around the Black Sea with Turkish-Oriental influences, combining solid festive tunes (opener 'Dusty Road', the rousing 'Dance Of The Turtles' of which the track list also contains a contagious La Caravan Electro Remix called 'Turtle Dance', 'Hora Din Moldova', 'Radio Prizren'...) and dreamy meditative ('Zmiya', 'Deryalar', 'Leaving'). For the modernist cover design La Panika called on Ghent based artist Bart Silon. With 'Darmadan', La Panika proves part of the Balkans is located somewhere between Ghent and Lille!