For their new album, 'Xapomelön' (a "Catalanisation" of the French "chapeau melon" or "bowler hat"), La Pegatina drew inspiration from American comics. 'Xapomelön' counts twenty-one ultra-short tracks - only two songs make it past the three minute mark - and sounds less coherent than predecessor 'Via Mandarina'. La Pegatina should have been a bit stricter in the final selection for the track list as some songs on 'Xapomelön' are true light weights ('Foxy & Billy', 'Mari Carmen'). Yours truly was most taken with 'La Voisine', a satirical song in French about accordionist Romain Renard's female neighbor, but all in all 'Xapomelön' is not La Pegatina's most convincing effort to date.