After 'Corazon, Bombo Y Son', their enjoyable 2014 long-player debut, we'd lost sight of Spanish electro-mestizo formation La Sra. Tomasa. With 'Alegre Pedro Peligroso' ("cheerful but dangerous"), for which they teamed up with Barcelonese producer Genis Trani, and,  among others, invited Ghanaian afrobeats star Stonebwoy (opener 'Para Ti'), Belgian rapper Coely ('Muevelo') and Spanish rapper Bejo (the super catchy 'Que Venga'), the seven-piece band once again pushed its musical boundaries by now extending their mix of Latin American styles like salsa, cumbia, timba, and guaguanco with reggae and hip-hop, with genres like afrobeats and trap. It's probably due to the consequences of the current COVID-19 pandemic, but our favorite from the track list was the more intimate 'Sin Miedo' ("fearless"), in which the singing style of front man Pau Lobo reminded us somewhat of that of legendary salsero Hector Lavoe, and which serves as a perfect anthem to face the current health crisis. Another salsa legend, Ruben Blades, can be heard in the short interlude 'Estado Mental', in which he philosophizes about the important difference between material and spiritual poverty. Of a poetic beauty is 'Olivo', another interlude in which Yolanda Oliva, the mother of bassist Alberto Limiñana, calls on her son to be strong as an olive tree and draw strength from his music. Finally, La Sra. Tomasa pays homage to their own collective with 'El Colectivo', for which they were joined by no less than four vocalists ranging from Spanish reggae and dancehall artist Sr. Wilson to Venezuelan singer Ahyvin Bruno and Desiree Diouf (vocalist with the Barcelona swing-soul-jazz formation The Black Barbies) to Uruguayan percussionist/vocalist Marcio Ramirez, also based in Barcelona.