After the release of their new 'Alegre Pero Peligroso' album, Spanish band La Sra. Tomasa had planned a whole promotion tour, but like so many other bands, they saw those plans torpedoed by the overpowering COVID-19 pandemic. In order not to resign themselves completely, they decided to give four tracks from the album a revamp. The result is this 'Houly Housy Sessions' EP, for which the band collaborated in virtual fashion with colleagues like vocalists Stay Homas (Guillem Bolto, Klaus Stroink and Rai Benet), Juancho Marques, Sharif and Judit Nedderman, and musicians like Cuban bassist Rainer Pérez, Guillem Arnau Gabarró or Arnau Griso (timbales), Pardo and Erik Castillo of Compota de Mañana (piano, vocals, congas), Ahyvin Bruno of Las Karamba on güira, Albert Costa of Tromboranga on trombone, or the Balearic trumpeter Pep Grau... Actually, way too many to list them all here. Asked for our favorite track on 'Houly Housy Sessions', we'd go for the rather classic salsa approach of opener 'Que Venga' even though the very festive salsamuffin of closing track 'Arrimate' is definitely a strong second. Nice follow-up to 'Alegre Pero Peligroso', and let's hope La Sra. Tomasa and all their peers will be back on stage soon!