The cover of this third album of French band La Zikabilo, unwittingly reminded yours truly of Balkan Beat Box's 'Give' album and musically both bands also show similarities. Cubano Rock Tzigane this six men strong ensemble from Angers calls their music and on 'Todos A La Mesa' ("everyone at the table") this party band effortlessly jumps back and forth between Buenos Aires (neo-tango opener 'Fuerza Pa Vivir'), New Orleans, Havana, Kingston, Madrid ('Preguntale') and Belgrade ('Delinquance D'Etat', 'Kitsa'). La Zikabilo arose from the meeting of four musicians playing with Rutabaga with the tuba player of Uranus Bruyant and Cuban vocalist/trumpeter Barbaro Teuntor Garcia (Septeto Habanero, Sierra Maestra, Buena Vista Social Club…). Vocally La Zikabilo alternates between French (Fabien Guilloteau) and Spanish (Barbaro Teuntor Garcia), our preference going to the latter. Perfect festival band yours truly wouldn't mind checking out live!