Lëk Sèn has great plans: with the proceeds of his third album, the aptly titled 'Hope Inna Afreeka', the Senegalese bard wants to build a music school in his native village Ngor. Surprisingly enough this album is released mere months after the release of his previous album 'Tomorrow'. Musically speaking this self-produced album sounds in no way inferior to Lëk Sèn's previous releases. Once again we're offered that infectious mix of hip-hop ('Dance All', 'Koraman', 'Sa Nitté - Hope Inna Afreeka') and reggae ('Get Ready', 'Da Na Ma La Play'), but 'Hope Inna Afreeka' is above all else Lëk Sèn's most African-sounding album to date ('Mama Afreeka', 'Amazing'). Highly contagious album which also allows you to show your good heart: hesitation is not an option!