Ivorian reggae will of course always remain linked to Alpha Blondy, and where Les Vieux Mogos (Maninka for "the big brothers") are concerned that's definitely true, as the band was formed by ex-Solar System drummer Sam Koné. In 2011 Les Vieux Mogos already released their debut effort 'Confirmation', and now there's finally this successor. Giving Les Vieux Mogos some originality is the fact that for the lead vocals of their songs the band alternates between the male voice of Mandé Diarra and the female charms of Carmélithe. On 'Motherland', they, in turn, are joined by guests like Ras Goudi Brown, NJ, Jah Light and Waiper Saberty. For the lyrics of the songs on 'Motherland' Mandé and Carmélithe alternate between English, French, Maninka, Attié and Bété, meaning we hadn't much of a clue what the majority of the tracks were about. An exception is 'Clando', a song about the fate of the illegal African immigrants who continue to risk their lives in rickety boats trying to reach Europe. 'Motherland' is classic afro-reggae with a revolutionary touch sure to please amateurs of artists like the aforementioned Alpha Blondy ('Jah Is Your Real Name' feat. NJ comes very close to the master) or Tiken Jah Fakoly.