'Same Situation' is the album debut of Lion Heights, a four-piece band that was founded in Chicago back in 2013, but since have moved on to Austin, Texas. The Lion Heights band members clearly know their classics as for the songs on 'Same Situation', a mix of conscious and lovers tunes, a number of Jamaican classics, the one somewhat more obscure than next, were dusted off. For title song 'Same Situation' Lion Heights revisited the well-known classic Cuss Cuss, for 'Dream Girl' they recycled Wailing Souls' 'Firehouse Rock', for the excellent lovers tune 'Wandering Girl' they used Augustus Pablo's 'Upfull Living', 'Cut Them Out' is a reality tune about the many hustlers roaming the concert business world, for which Clint Eastwood & General Saint's 'Can't Take Another World War' was reused, somewhat less obvious is may be 'Help Me', a version over Mikey Dread's 'Jah Jah Love (In The Morning)' - also one of our favorites on 'Same Situation' - and 'No Love Dub' is an instrumental version of Horace Andy's 'Zion Gate'. 'Same Situation' sounds so different from the majority of the US reggae releases, that we spontaneously developed a soft spot for this album and by extension this band. Excellent release from the Friendship State!