With her 'Blowing Down Trees' EP, Lisa Bennett, the Brooklyn, New York-born singer with Jamaican roots (but currently living in Belgium), clearly wants to show her versatility; from ska and roots to dancehall and dubstep, Bennett seems to tackle it all with the same ease. The eight track EP opens with the familiar sounding 'Milk & Honey', a kind of update of Half Pint's 'Greetings' over the Heavenless riddim. Unfortunately, the mix of the song is a disaster and little of Lisa's voice can be heard. That flaw is fortunately rectified on the other tracks on the EP. Ska song 'Apple Tree' reminded yours truly of the repertoire of Ugandan-Swedish singer Jaqee, 'Without You' is a successful lovers tune over The Heptones' classic Party Time riddim and 'Stay' is even present twice in the track list: in the original version and in a solid dubstep remix by Radikal Guru. It's definitely not our cup of tea, but 'My Love', a poppy lick over the Block Party riddim, will undoubtedly please a dancehall loving crowd (Jah Vinci recorded an eponymous tune on the same riddim) and even more dancehall, but this time of the sturdier kind, we get with 'What I Want', a tune on the Big Vibez riddim festively concluding this 'Blowing Down Trees' EP.