After her successful 2015 debut 'Musical Garden', LMK returns with 'Highlights'. If that title may suggest a 'Best Of' compilation, in fact with this album the French singer is looking back on some of the great moments she already experienced in her career, among which her collaboration with Lyon based Digital Cut band, also responsible for the production of this album. In the track list the alternation between reggae ('I Wanna Know', 'Conqueror'), r&b ('See The Light'), hip-hop ('See Dem Out', 'New Day') and pop ('Tell Me', our least favorite track on 'Highlights') we've come to expect from LMK, something that's also reflected in the guest list the singer compiled for 'Highlights' (Jamaican MC Skarra Mucci, French reggae star Taïro, French rapper Ma'J, American rappers Reverie, Gavlyn and MOP's Mann and Billy Danze). It sounds a bit contradictory, but 'Highlights' just contained too few actual highlights - 'Conqueror', 'I Wanna Know' or even 'Ou Sont Nos Go', the only French song in the track list, being notable exceptions - to hold our attention for the duration of an entire album.