'Local Uprising' is the second EP the five-piece band of the same name from Oahu, Hawaii recorded for E.N. Young's Roots Musician Records label. In the track list 4 new tracks and three dubs (including versions of 'Coconut Girl' and 'Dreams Of Peace', both tracks from their previous EP 'Shift'). The band may hail from Hawaii, the members of Local Uprising prefer to compare their sound with that of American West Coast reggae bands like Rebelution, Tatanka or Kings And Comrades, so the choice to work with E.N. Young seemed obvious. The band claims it focusses on message music "music with a message", but the track list of this EP features apart from conscious tracks like 'Fulfill Prophesy' and 'My Mind', also 'Look My Way' and 'Her (Night Nurse)', two love tunes. Do we still have to mention that E.N. Young's three closing dubs are once again the cream on this cake? In our humble opinion, it's about time Young embarks on a full-fledged dub project, but apart from that, this Hawaiian quintet produced an absolutely enjoyable EP!