For 'Lollypop Lorry Goes Dub', the successor to 2018's 'Ural Station', the Russians of Lollypop Lorry started experimenting with jazz and dub. Most of the members of Lollypop Lorry have a jazz background and they quickly discovered the ostinato (a basso ostinato - Italian for "stubborn" or "obstinate" - is a bass motif or phrase that persistently repeats in the same musical voice, frequently in the same pitch) of the double bass rhythms, which form the backbone of many jazz styles, have many similarities with Jamaican riddims. The result is an absolute gem of an album on which jazz classics of greats like Miles Davis (opener 'Blue Dub'), Dizzy Gillespie ('Dizzy Dub'), John Coltrane ('Dub "7" Train' and 'Mr. Dub'), Henry Mancini ('Slow Hot Dub', the dub version of 'Lujon', which already appeared on Lollypop Lorry's 'Ural Station'), Thelonious Monk ('Round Midnight Dub'), Dexter Gordon ('Tanya Dub') and Kenny Garrett ('Charlie Brown Goes To Jamaica'), all received a delicious dub reworking. The odd one out in the track list is 'Take Faya', an excellent dub version of Aswad's 'Love Fire' (also known as the Promised Land riddim), seamlessly changing into the Dave Brubeck Quartet's jazz classic 'Take Five'. Belgian jazz-dubbers Cosmosound definitely have some competition in Mother Russia!