Los Callejeros may claim they're above all a live band, the fact is yours truly also enjoys their album releases. With 'Présente!', the sucessor to their 2008 album debut 'El Camino Es El Destino', Los Callejeros confirm their status as this country's best mestizo band. In a mishmash of languages - whith 'Ndoni Nifuna', a song for which the band claims to have used as many as 28 (!) languages, taking the cake - and styles (we heard bits of son, chicha, zydeco, reggae and cumbia, but feel free to add to that list) the band created a virtual trip through Latin America and the Caribbean; beautifully illustrated by the rollercoaster design on the album's cover. If we add that for 'Présente!' Los Callejeros collaborated with a lot of good folk (Terrakota, Alain 'aLion' Meloen, Murgalova...), you shouldn't need more convincing.