'Ukamao!' (loosely translated from Aymara: "So it goes!" or "That's just the way it is!"), the title of the third album by Belgian mestizo-collective Los Callejeros, is an expression used in Bolivia and Peru to indicate some things simply are what they are. Musically for 'Ukamao!' Los Callejeros also seem to have looked to Andean culture for inspiration ('Aroma De Primavera', 'Eenzame Charango'). 'Ukamao!' opens with the catchy cumbia/chicha track 'Cumbia Callejeros', but we were more taken by 'Amor De Cottoreo', delicious salsa with a Santana-like guitar solo in the middle and ending in rousing merengue. But there's more: 'Ce Pays', a song in which the desirability of national borders is questioned, due to the French accent used gets a cajun/zydeco touch and for 'San Antonio' Los Callejeros looked at Mexican musica norteña for inspiration. Like for their previous releases, Los Callejeros have once again put a lot of effort in the packaging of 'Ukamao!': once more it's Hans Bloemmen who provided the beautiful illustrations and instead of reproductions of the lyrics, the booklet of the album contains a short travelogue written by Los Callejeros-guitarist Luis Valle Moja. May 'Ukamao!' finally grant this band the (international) recognition it deserves!