Achinech Productions, the label that introduced us to Bahamian singer Csavi a few months ago, now presents 'Mundo Loco', the reggae debut of Lot Acosta, a singer-songwriter from San Andres, one of the most picturesque villages in Tenerife. In the Canary Islands Lot counts as somewhat of a cult figure, forever playing his songs acoustically on his guitar, while his self-recorded cassettes went from hand to hand. After a few years in the shadows, colleague and producer Dactah Chando now encouraged Acosta to re-record his old material in a band setting and in a decent studio. 'Mundo Loco' was co-produced by Chango in Tenerife and the German city of Bonn, home to Toby Nambur, co-producer and responsible for the final mix of the album. The result is an album full of classic conscious roots in the style of grandmaster Bob Marley (opener 'Nos Quiren Mal', 'Despertemos', the dubby 'Mares De Sueños'...), including delicious choirs by brother and sister Laura and Felix Alvarez (famous names from Tenerife's local folk scene and good friends of Chando's), towards the end even featuring a single intimate semi-acoustic song accompanied by nyahbinghi percussion (closing track 'So Oye Un Grito'). Canarian gem!