With 'Music Never Dies', I Grade Records producer Laurent 'Tippy-I' Alfred finally presents the last part of the trilogy he set in motion back in 2014 with the release of Midnite's excellent 'Beauty For Ashes' album. Later that same Pressure's equally enjoyable 'The Sound' followed and this Lutan Fyah album was already announced, but it's taken until now for 'Music Never Dies' to actually manifest. Rest assured though, this album has been well worth the, and, without wanting to sound disrespectful, could even almost be considered a comeback album for Lutan Fyah. Asked about the album, Lutan comments: "It is an album of raw, roots reggae music created by some of the most indigenous Rasta from the island of Saint Croix.". To be entirely correct, 'Music Never Dies' is a Zion High Kings production, a collective term for the occasional alliance between the aforementioned Tippy-I of I Grade Records, Andrew 'Moon' Bain of Lustre Kings and David 'Jah D' Goldfine of Zion High Productions. 'Music Never Dies' is the kind of album that doesn't count any weak songs, but we made a selection of our favorites anyway: 'Put a Fyah In Deh', 'Test A Money', 'So Di World Ah Run' featuring Akae Beka and the otherwise unknown Leaf Of Life, and 'Perfect Storm', that lyrically somewhat reminiscent of Midnite's 'Weather The Storm' from 'Beauty For Ashes'. Top release!