If you've ever listened carefully to Balkan music, you must have noticed how closely related the used rhythms are to ska and reggae. Romanian band Mahala Raï Banda must have noticed these similarities as well, for on their album 'Ghetto Blasters', they already included the track 'Balkan Reggae'. This track got picked up by reggae-deejays worldwide and thus Mahala-chief Aurel Ionitsa conceived the plan to produce this 'Balkan Reggae' remix album. This is of course nothing more and nothing less than a one riddim album, but the different mixes are so diverse that it does not feel like it. The versions by Koby Israelite feat. Annique (which reminded us of Danish Junkyard Productions) and Mad Professor (who re-recorded a part of the track), definitely stand out from the rest. Absolute world-album!