In 2015 French dub duo Mahom already joined forces with Flower Coast Records a first time for 'Skankin' Session #1', a 4 track release targeting the sound system scene and now there's sequel 'Skankin' Session #2'.

On the first part it was especially 'Trouble Of The World', a dub reworking of 'Soon Ah Will Be Done-a Wid The Troubles Of The World', a folky gospel classic by William Levi Dawson, which caught our attention.

'Skankin' Session # 2' contains four tracks from last year's 'Fell In' album ('Dub In Faluja', 'Dub The Boat' feat. Thomas Kahn & Spelim, 'Nine Lives' and 'The Big Empty', both with Aignon based Lisoun on vocals), supplemented with 3 dubs and 'Dub Pirates', a remix of 'The Dub Boat' for which Mahom called on Clermont based Dub Shepherds.