'Virtual Lines' is the second collaboration of French producers Maïs and Sin, two strong holders of the Strasbourg based Antipod Records label. The first signed for the four tracks on the A-side of the LP and Sin did the same for the B-side. Each time you get one vocal cut, followed by three instrumentals that stylistically hold the middle between solid UK steppers and dub. For 'Burn Them To Ashes', Maïs invited French-Senegalese Peuple De L'herbe vocalist Sir Jean, and for 'An Eye For An Eye', a sure fire hit in the dub scene, Sin collaborated with Scottish MC Tom Spirals. 'Virtual Lines', the title of the album, on the one hand refers to the fact the dub genre is not bound to limitations set by genres or styles, but on the other hand, it is also a comment on the current political situation in Europe, and elsewhere in the world, where, based on self-invented artificial borders, the powers that be decide the fate of millions of people. Our personal favorite from the track list is 'Sur Le Fil', Sin's closing track, featuring excerpts from 'Space Men' aka 'Assignment Outer Space', a 1960 Italian science fiction film directed by Antonio Margheriti, over a riddim with a catchy xylophone-melody.