The ngoni playing of Malian griot Makan Badjé Tounkara (son of Baba Sissoko) may sound way more traditional than that of colleague and compatriot Bassekou Kouyate, that doesn't mean Makan hasn't played his part in the innovation of the ancient instrument as he plays a seven stringed version instead of the regular four string one. 'Daba', the title of the album, is the name used in Mali to describe the typical hoe used by farmers all across Africa and the title track is actually meant as a thank you to the hardworking men and women providing the continent with food. With 'Guésséré' Makan does the same for the inventors of the ngoni. A lot more topical is 'Océan', dedicated to the many Africans who lost their lives at sea, and 'San Sene' continues on the migration theme as it's a call for refugees to return to their home countries. Solid traditional Malian griot-album.