Yours truly had already heard nothing but good things about French producer and beat maker Manudigital (real name Emmanuel Heron), but 'Digital Pixel', his debut album from 2016 had eluded us and we hadn't had the opportunity to see him play live either. The release of his brand new 'Bass Attack' album therefor seemed the ideal opportunity to get to know this French phenomenon. For this second album, Manudigital invited nineties veterans like General Degree, Red Fox or Junior Cat, well-known names from the current generation like Cali P, Solo Banton, Soom T and Skarra Mucci, compatriots like Taiwan MC and Panda Dub, and even English jungle pioneer Ed Solo. To be honest, this album is filled with boom tunes from start to finish, with Manu's beats and bleeps as the backbone (making him a kind of heir to King Jammy's throne), so just naming a few highlights isn't easy. Rub-a-dub lovers should definitely check out 'Strictly That Style' featuring Dapatch, in 'Dem A Poison' we hear Soom T as we remembered her from her collaboration with Jahtari (eventually resulting in the excellent long player debut 'Ode 2 A Carrot'), in 'Shoot & Collect' Manudigital incorporated influences from Syrian dabke (think Omar Souleyman), but we mainly had a soft spot for the ganja tunes on 'Bass Attack': 'Herb Inna Mi Pocket' featuring Solo Banton, 'Reach The Sky' featuring Taiwan MC, and the killer bonus track 'Cali Green' featuring Jamaican artist Black Judah and hemp ambassador supreme Snoop Lion... Killer album!