On this 'Enter A Space' EP, Marcus Gad seems to have lost his band Tribe, instead joining forces with Parisian beat maker Clement 'Tamal' Thouard. Their collaboration yielded six new tracks here and there still exude the same Midnite-like meditative vibe we already picked up on predecessor 'Chanting'. For the lyrics of the songs on 'Enter A Space', Gad drew inspiration from the Indian Advaita Vedanta philosophy, advocating a purely monistic or non-dualistic way of thinking through jnana-yoga or "knowledge yoga", focusing on trying to achieve self-realization or realization of the true nature of atman (the true self of an individual beyond identification with phenomena, the essence of an individual) through the acquisition of knowledge about the nature of consciousness. Musically, for two tracks on 'Enter A Space', Marcus looked to West Africa for inspiration, as in 'Live Up To The Day' the ngoni of Youssouf Diabate can be heard, and in 'Inna Nature' you can hear the voice and kora of Losso 'Yelé' Keita. In closing track 'Prayers' it's Tamal's keyboard violin that attracts attention, and for 'River', a song that perfectly captures the atmosphere and essence of the EP, Marcus Gad recorded a beautiful accompanying clip, shot in the holy city of Benares or Varanasi in India. Get ready to 'Enter A Space'!