The name Mark Batson might not ring a bell with most reggae lovers yet, but this young Guianese from the coastal village of Buxton already has quite a career behind him. First as a track and field athlete with the Guyanese youth team, then as a soca artist and finally as lead vocalist with Guyanese band Heatwave. Meanwhile Mark is working on a solo career and seems to be fully committed to the reggae genre. On his debut album 'Music Without Borders' we found no disappointments in the track list and Mark easily alternates between reality tunes (for which he claims he drew from his own life experiences) and successful love/breakup songs like the excellent 'Second Chance', which already scored him a modest hit in the Caribbean and Europe. But also make sure to check out the excellent opener 'Give Me Some Space', a song in which Batson talks about escaping the influence of bad "friends", the instant singalong 'Judge Not', or the delicious 'Driver', in which Mark urges his taxi driver to get him to his girlfriend as soon as possible. Highly enjoyable introduction to this young, internationally unknown artist, who, as far as yours truly's concerned, easily deserves a place among established Jamaican artists like Romain Virgo, Duane Stephenson or Christopher Martin!