Gypsy and Balkan lovers forget Shantel, here's Max Pashm! That seems at least what the cover of the new album by Max Pashm, 'Never Mind The Balkans, Here's Max Pashm' seems to scream out. The cover design is a faithful copy of the legendary 1977 debut of punk band The Sex Pistols, 'Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols' and a clear, but humorous, middle finger to Shantel, because where the Berlin DJ is "limited" to Gypsy or Balkan music, Pashm also mixes in cheerful Greek influences and klezmer. Apart from that Max's story is remarkably paralleled with that of Shantel as this is also a DJ project gone live band. Driving force is in this case Max Chekonova aka Max Pashm, a DJ from Brighton, England. 'Never Mind The Balkans, Here's Max Pashm' offers just about the best collection of Balkan beats we've heard this year!