This 'Best Of' should rather have been titled 'Max Romeo & Friends', as for each track Max is accompanied by a friendly colleague (a direct result of a copyright issue that left Max Romeo without the original recordings to his own songs). Médiacom did not use those original recordings, but had them rerecorded in the Charmax Redark Studios in Jamaica (owned by Max himself!). The fact the label spared no expense is evidenced by the presence of good people like Nambo Robinson, David Madden and The Congos, who all came to lend a hand. Unfortunately, not all tracks on this album are of the same level and songs like 'We Love Jamaica' featuring Winston Francis and 'Nobody's Child', for which Romeo is joined by Sophia Square, suffer an abundance of mellowness. Yours truly was especially taken with the versions featuring old school deejays like Prince Jazzbo ('One Step Forward') or U Brown ('Macabee Version'). Also added to the track list is 'Wet Dream', a track Max hasn't played live for many years.