With this reissue of 'Revelation Time', 17 North Parade/VP Records provides the umpteenth version of this Max Romeo classic. The album was originally recorded at Randy's Studio 17 and Lee Perry's Black Ark featuring core members of bands like Soul Syndicate and Now Generation as musicians and Clive Hunt and Perry behind the buttons. 'Revelation Time' appeared on the Jamaican Black World label in 1975, but was soon picked up by United Artists who took care of the distribution in the United States. Featuring classics like 'Three Blind Mice', 'Tacko', 'Youthman Rootsman' and ganja anthem 'A Quarter Pound Of I'Cense', 'Revelation Time' is now rightly listed in the 'Rough Guide To Reggae' as one of the absolutely essential releases in the reggae genre. That being said, 'Revelation Time' was already re-released by Blood and Fire in 1999 under the title 'Open The Iron Gate'. For this re-release 17 North Parade/VP Records returned to the original album cover, and for the vinyl version the original track list was also maintained, but as far as the CD version is concerned the only extras that weren't included on the Blood and Fire release were the deejay version of title track 'Revelation Time' ('Message From The Top') and that of 'No Joshua No' ('Yes Joshua') by I-Roy and Prince Far I. Essential reggae record, but not an essential re-release!