With this 6 track 'Nah Give Up', Lille in the north of France based Max'1 And The Rootsmaker presents a first EP. The nine-strong band around Guinean front man Max'1 sums up its musical mission as follows: "Résumer nos influences à un pays ou à un continent serait vain tant cette volonté d'échanger et de connaître est importante pour nous. Si les frontières ont tendance à se renforcer, la musique et les mots ont toujours réussi à les outrepasser. Soucieux des inégalités et des injustices qui traversent nos sociétés, nous utilisons la musique reggae-roots pour mieux les expliquer et les combattre.". In the track list mainly English songs like title track 'Nah Give Up', a call not to give up on your dreams even if the system seems to demand otherwise, or 'Jah', in which Max'1 explains how his belief in Jah helped him to cope with the daily challenges he was confronted with in his native Guinea. But we were most taken with 'Afrik Dime', Susu for "the children of Africa", in which Max'1 largely opts for his mother tongue Susu and assures Guinean youths, and in a broader sense those in the rest of Africa, that, despite possible ethnic and cultural differences, the future of the continent is in their hands. Enjoyable French afro-reggae release.