Exactly five years after 'Easy To Love', reggae crooner Maxi Priest returns with 'It All Comes Back To Love', for which this time he handed the reins to his buddy and colleague Shaggy. 

As the title suggests, Maxi Priest still feels most at home with a good lovers' tune, but just like Shaggy, Priest has never let himself be limited by one genre, and apart from excellent lovers rock ('If I Was Your Man', title track 'It All Comes Back to Love'), the track list of this album also contains r&b ('Baby You Can Love Me Slow'), new roots ('Hard As Me', a combination with Jamaican singer, actor and comedian Noah Powa), dancehall-light ('Free Falling') or even pure pop ('If I Could Change It', 'Out In The Rain'). 

However, it should come as no surprise Maxi is still at his best when performing a classic love tune, and with title track 'It All Comes Back To Love' Priest and Shaggy created a true gem. Opener 'I'm Alright', another highlight in the track list, is an actual duet with Shaggy, and the duo turns it into a hat trick with 'My Pillow', pure sweetness! Other guests are Bounty Killer (duet 'It's A Summer Vibe' should have been a great summer hit and also features Maxi's son Che $av), Inner Circle, Estelle, Anthony Hamilton and Noah Powa. 

Even thirty years after the release of his international breakthrough album 'Maxi Priest' (Virgin), Maxi's recipe still works!