For 'Next Spring' Turkish oud player Mehmet Polat joined forces with ney player Sinan Arat and Malian kora master Zoumana Diarra, together forming the Mehmet Polat Trio. Together they perform an instrumental oeuvre harmoniously blending influences from Ottoman, Anatolian, Indian and West African music traditions. Mehmet Polat Trio approaches music with a lot of respect for tradition, but the fact both Polat and Diarra weren't too afraid to adapt their century-old instruments (Mehmet added two bass strings to his and oud and plays his instrument with a new left-handed technique and Zoumana added a bunch of extra strings to his kora, making him the only kora player in the world playing an instrument with more than 40 strings), proves these three gentlemen definitely have their eyes on the future as well. Intoxicating, spiritual and meditative album.