Meridian Brothers, the musical playground of Colombian singer and guitarist Eblis Alvarez returns with '¿Donde Estas Maria?'. Asked to describe Meridian Brothers, Eblis comments: "With Meridian Brothers, we continue to experiment with styles, formats and timbres, and you could even say that that over time the ongoing process of change, has become the raison d'être of the project. More than a band is Meridian Brothers therefore just a group musicians who give their personal interpretation to certain pieces.". Title track and opener '¿Donde Estas Maria?', a paean to Mary, is a huayno, Peruvian dance music, and a song in which the use of the cello, an instrument that wasn't previously used in the repertoire of Meridian Brothers, immediately stands out. It's also the least experimental sounding tune in the track list, even if '¿Donde Estas Maria?' is perhaps the most accessible Meridian Brothers album to date.