Ryan 'Twilight Circus' Moore's releases are still in great part aimed at a vinyl loving crowd. Consequently Michael Rose's new album 'African Roots' barely counts 10 tracks. On this album Rose clearly refers to his roots or more specifically to his Black Uhuru days. Songs like 'African People', 'Babylon Bow' and 'Stepping Out Of Babylon' are instant classics and for 'Wicked Run' even the old Black Uhuru xylophone effect was revitalized. 'African Roots' can hardly be called an innovative album, but darn it really works; and with the cream of the Jamaican music scene as its musicians (Skully Simms, Dean Fraser, Bobby Ellis, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Style Scott, Norman 'Twinkle' Grant, Vin Gordon) failure was not an option. The Waterhouse sound still stands!