Boston-based Mighty Casey is active as a rapper, author and journalist, and gained fame as the man behind 'White Girls', a 2003 cult classic in the hip-hop genre (actually a parody on Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's 'White Lines'), which became a worldwide hit when it ended up on the soundtrack of 'White Chicks', a 2004 comedy starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans. Casey's debut album 'Original Rudebwoy' was released in the same year as 'White Girls', but was followed by a long musical hiatus; time he used to work on 'Inside The CIA's Secret War In Jamaica', a 2016 non-fiction book about the about the CIA's nefarious dealings with the infamous Jamaican Shower Posse and the relating cocaine trade. With the reggae-flavored 'Return Of The Rudebwoy' Mighty Casey now makes his musical comeback. For this 7 track EP he joined forces with Trinidadian singer Jah Bami. The two ran into each other when they were both working in the same recording studio one day. Bami had just recorded 'I Got That Weed' and hung around in the studio to hear Casey at work as well. Bami liked what he heard and the rest you can hear on 'Return Of The Rudebwoy'. The track list of the EP contains a little something for everyone, from the festive opener 'True Champion', an unofficial anthem for this year's World Cup Football, over the anti-weapon statement 'Rock Steady', to love ballad 'Keep The Faith' and the aforementioned ganja tune 'I Got That Weed'. Also a drug-related song, but in the negative sense, is 'Cocaine Business', which you may consider the theme song to Casey's book. Hip-hop meets reggae inna combination style!