Mister Kali, a household name in New Mexico's reggae scene for years now, for the occasion joined forces with Texan production company Dub Gideon, and also called on local buddies Dre Estrada aka Dre Z Melodi and Ras Elijah Tafari for some vocal support. 'Hungry' is conceived as a showcase album, with 5 vocal cuts followed by a version (although you don't necessarily have to imagine pure dub). The most striking tracks are title track 'Hungry', a tune over the classic Mr. Bassie riddim in which Kali fulminates against the dubious quality of the food multinationals produce and as a solution points to the self-sufficiency Marcus Garvey also advocated, and even more 'True Wealth', which, thanks to the contributions of Dre Z Melodi and especially Ras Elijah Tafari, is given somewhat of a Virgin Islands vibe. A bit of a quirky, but intriguing release; pity they opted for that naïve somewhat kitschy sleeve design though.