'The World Is In Trouble' is the fruit of a collaboration between Manchester-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Al Breadwinner and Sierra Leonean Dutchman Mohamed Lamin Kamara aka M.L.K. (also front man of Amsterdam based band Flavour Coalition). 'The World Is In Trouble' will undoubtedly mostly appeal to avid collectors of (obscure) Lee Perry productions, as suggested by Breadwinners-aficionado Chris Durning, Breadwinner revisited a number of riddims originally crafted by the master. There's 'Tight Space', based on Mystic I's 'Elaine', behind 'Xenophobia', a song about increasing xenophobia in Africa, you'll discover the riddim of Winston Heywood's 'Long Long Time', for 'Vibes Skillometre' Eric Donaldson's 'Stand Up' was recycled, and 'Face Of The Lion' is a version over The Heptones' 'Mystery Babylon'. It all resulted in a total of 11 tracks, to which you may add 4 dubs; Our personal favorites from the track list: 'Makers Of Africa', an ode to a number of great African statesmen and revolutionaries like Shaka Zulu, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba, Samory Touré, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, Kenneth Kaunda and even Robert Mugabe, 'Construction Time', a version over James Booms' 'Psalm 20', and the catchy love tune 'Sherray For Me'. Solid old school roots album, with which Al Breadwinner proves analog production methods still work.